Collaborative Visualization for Fusion Research

Eliot Feibush

Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory

National Fusion Collaboratory

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APS - DPP 2006 Poster -  Web Interfaces to Fusion Codes

       Abstract, Summary, & Future Plans

IEEE Visualization 2006 Poster -  ElVis:  A Portal for Scientific Graphics

2005 Tutorial

APS - DPP 2004 Presentation

Student Work

    Integration with TSC - Mio Suzuki, 2003

    Integration with Orbit- Geoffrey Shelburne, 2004

    Integration with Legacy Command Line Programs - Will Fisher, 2005

    Integration with SCOPE - Marc Osherson, 2005

    Developments for Simulation and Analysis Programs - Tarun Pondicherry, 2006

    Graphics Developments - Stephen Krenzel, Drexel Co-Op, Spring 2006

    Enhancements to ElVis Scientific Graphics Software - Ben Phillips, Tarun Pondicherry, 2007

    TRANSP to ElVis: elvislib - Ben Bariteau, Summer 2008

    ElVis Web Services and Systems - Matthew Milano, Summer 2008

    ElVis Features and Animations - Michael Shmulevich, Summer 2008

    ElVis Improvements - Eric Zatz, Summer 2008

    Graphical Improvements - Savraj Deep, Drexel Co-Op, Fall/Winter 2008/09

    New ElVis Features - Ben Phillips, Summer 2009

    ElVis rplot Service, New Features - Ben Bariteau, Summer 2009

    Providing Complete Distribution Function Analysis with NUBEAM FGen - Casey Stark, Summer 2009