CVS---Concurrent Versions System. Node: Administrative files

PREVInvoking CVS UPTop NEXTEnvironment variables

Appendix C: Reference manual for Administrative files

Inside the repository, in the directory `$CVSROOT/CVSROOT', there are a number of supportive files for CVS. You can use CVS in a limited fashion without any of them, but if they are set up properly they can help make life easier. For a discussion of how to edit them, see Intro administrative files.

The most important of these files is the `modules' file, which defines the modules inside the repository.

  • modules Defining modules
  • Wrappers Treat directories as files
  • commit files The commit support files
  • commitinfo Pre-commit checking
  • verifymsg How are log messages evaluated?
  • editinfo Specifying how log messages are created (obsolete)
  • loginfo Where should log messages be sent?
  • rcsinfo Templates for the log messages
  • cvsignore Ignoring files via cvsignore
  • history file History information
  • Variables Various variables are expanded
  • config Miscellaneous CVS configuration
  • PREVInvoking CVS UPTop NEXTEnvironment variables