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C.12: The CVSROOT/config configuration file

The administrative file `config' contains various miscellaneous settings which affect the behavior of CVS. The syntax is slightly different from the other administrative files. Variables are not expanded. Lines which start with `#' are considered comments. Other lines consist of a keyword, `=', and a value. Note that this syntax is very strict. Extraneous spaces or tabs are not permitted.

Currently defined keywords are:


For CVS 1.9.12 through 1.9.18, this setting told CVS to look for RCS programs in the bindir directory. Current versions of CVS do not run RCS programs; for compatibility this setting is accepted, but it does nothing.


If value is `yes', then pserver should check for users in the system's user database if not found in `CVSROOT/passwd'. If it is `no', then all pserver users must exist in `CVSROOT/passwd'. The default is `yes'. For more on pserver, see Password authenticated.


Enable support for saving special device files, symbolic links, file permissions and ownerships in the repository. The default value is `no'. See Special Files for the full implications of using this keyword.


Modify the `checkout' command to create a `CVS' directory at the top level of the new working directory, in addition to `CVS' directories created within checked-out directories. The default value is `no'.

This option is useful if you find yourself performing many commands at the top level of your working directory, rather than in one of the checked out subdirectories. The `CVS' directory created there will mean you don't have to specify `CVSROOT' for each command. It also provides a place for the `CVS/Template' file (see Working directory storage).

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