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A.17: tag---Add a symbolic tag to checked out versions of files

Use this command to assign symbolic tags to the nearest repository versions to your working sources. The tags are applied immediately to the repository, as with rtag, but the versions are supplied implicitly by the CVS records of your working files' history rather than applied explicitly.

One use for tags is to record a snapshot of the current sources when the software freeze date of a project arrives. As bugs are fixed after the freeze date, only those changed sources that are to be part of the release need be re-tagged.

The symbolic tags are meant to permanently record which revisions of which files were used in creating a software distribution. The checkout and update commands allow you to extract an exact copy of a tagged release at any time in the future, regardless of whether files have been changed, added, or removed since the release was tagged.

This command can also be used to delete a symbolic tag, or to create a branch. See the options section below.

If you attempt to use a tag name that already exists, CVS will complain and not overwrite that tag. Use the `-F' option to force the new tag value.

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