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A.17.1: tag options

These standard options are supported by tag (see Common options, for a complete description of them):


Overwrite an existing tag of the same name on a different revision.


Local; run only in current working directory.


Tag directories recursively. This is on by default.

Two special options are available:


Make the tag a branch tag (see Branching and merging), allowing concurrent, isolated development. This is most useful for creating a patch to a previously released software distribution.


Check that all files which are to be tagged are unmodified. This can be used to make sure that you can reconstruct the current file contents.


Delete a tag.

If you use `cvs tag -d symbolic_tag', the symbolic tag you specify is deleted instead of being added. Warning: Be very certain of your ground before you delete a tag; doing this permanently discards some historical information, which may later turn out to be valuable.

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