Dired Extra Version 2 User's Manual. Node: Introduction

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Chapter 1: Introduction

This documents the extra features for Dired Mode for GNU Emacs 19. It is derived from version 1.191 of Sebastian Kremer's `dired-x.el' and is GNU Emacs v19 compatible.

In adopting this `dired-x.el' to GNU Emacs v19 some material that has been incorporated into `dired.el' and `dired-aux.el' of the GNU Emacs 19 distribution has been removed and some material was modified for agreement with the functions in `dired.el' and `dired-aux.el'. For example, the code using gmhist history functions was replaced with code using the mini-buffer history now built into GNU Emacs 19. Finally, a few other features have been added and a few more functions have been bound to keys.

Please note that `dired-x.el' and this texinfo file `dired-x.texi' are bundled with GNU Emacs versions 19.23 and later.

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