Gnus Manual. Node: Decoding Articles

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3.16: Decoding Articles

Sometime users post articles (or series of articles) that have been encoded in some way or other. Gnus can decode them for you.

  • Uuencoded Articles Uudecode articles.
  • Shell Archives Unshar articles.
  • PostScript Files Split PostScript.
  • Other Files Plain save and binhex.
  • Decoding Variables Variables for a happy decoding.
  • Viewing Files You want to look at the result of the decoding?
  • All these functions use the process/prefix convention (see Process/Prefix) for finding out what articles to work on, with the extension that a ``single article'' means ``a single series''. Gnus can find out by itself what articles belong to a series, decode all the articles and unpack/view/save the resulting file(s).

    Gnus guesses what articles are in the series according to the following simplish rule: The subjects must be (nearly) identical, except for the last two numbers of the line. (Spaces are largely ignored, however.)

    For example: If you choose a subject called `cat.gif (2/3)', Gnus will find all the articles that match the regexp `^cat.gif ([0-9]+/[0-9]+).*$'.

    Subjects that are non-standard, like `cat.gif (2/3) Part 6 of a series', will not be properly recognized by any of the automatic viewing commands, and you have to mark the articles manually with #.

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