Gnus Manual. Node: The Summary Buffer

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Chapter 3: The Summary Buffer

A line for each article is displayed in the summary buffer. You can move around, read articles, post articles and reply to articles.

The most common way to a summary buffer is to select a group from the group buffer (see Selecting a Group).

You can have as many summary buffers open as you wish.

  • Summary Buffer Format Deciding how the summary buffer is to look.
  • Summary Maneuvering Moving around the summary buffer.
  • Choosing Articles Reading articles.
  • Paging the Article Scrolling the current article.
  • Reply Followup and Post Posting articles.
  • Canceling and Superseding ``Whoops, I shouldn't have called him that.''
  • Marking Articles Marking articles as read, expirable, etc.
  • Limiting You can limit the summary buffer.
  • Threading How threads are made.
  • Sorting How articles and threads are sorted.
  • Asynchronous Fetching Gnus might be able to pre-fetch articles.
  • Article Caching You may store articles in a cache.
  • Persistent Articles Making articles expiry-resistant.
  • Article Backlog Having already read articles hang around.
  • Saving Articles Ways of customizing article saving.
  • Decoding Articles Gnus can treat series of (uu)encoded articles.
  • Article Treatment The article buffer can be mangled at will.
  • Article Commands Doing various things with the article buffer.
  • Summary Sorting Sorting the summary buffer in various ways.
  • Finding the Parent No child support? Get the parent.
  • Alternative Approaches Reading using non-default summaries.
  • Tree Display A more visual display of threads.
  • Mail Group Commands Some commands can only be used in mail groups.
  • Various Summary Stuff What didn't fit anywhere else.
  • Exiting the Summary Buffer Returning to the Group buffer.
  • Crosspost Handling How crossposted articles are dealt with.
  • Duplicate Suppression An alternative when crosspost handling fails.
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