Gnus Manual. Node: Highlighting and Menus

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8.9: Highlighting and Menus

The gnus-visual variable controls most of the Gnus-prettifying aspects. If nil, Gnus won't attempt to create menus or use fancy colors or fonts. This will also inhibit loading the `gnus-vis.el' file.

This variable can be a list of visual properties that are enabled. The following elements are valid, and are all included by default:


Do highlights in the group buffer.

summary-highlight Do highlights in the summary buffer.
article-highlight Do highlights in the article buffer.
highlight Turn on highlighting in all buffers.
group-menu Create menus in the group buffer.
summary-menu Create menus in the summary buffers.
article-menu Create menus in the article buffer.
browse-menu Create menus in the browse buffer.
server-menu Create menus in the server buffer.
score-menu Create menus in the score buffers.
menu Create menus in all buffers.

So if you only want highlighting in the article buffer and menus in all buffers, you could say something like:

(setq gnus-visual '(article-highlight menu))

If you want highlighting only and no menus whatsoever, you'd say:

(setq gnus-visual '(highlight))

If gnus-visual is t, highlighting and menus will be used in all Gnus buffers.

Other general variables that influence the look of all buffers include:


This is the face (i.e., font) used for mouse highlighting in Gnus. No mouse highlights will be done if gnus-visual is nil.

There are hooks associated with the creation of all the different menus:


Hook called after creating the article mode menu.


Hook called after creating the group mode menu.


Hook called after creating the summary mode menu.


Hook called after creating the server mode menu.


Hook called after creating the browse mode menu.


Hook called after creating the score mode menu.

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