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Chapter 8: Various

  • Process/Prefix A convention used by many treatment commands.
  • Interactive Making Gnus ask you many questions.
  • Symbolic Prefixes How to supply some Gnus functions with options.
  • Formatting Variables You can specify what buffers should look like.
  • Windows Configuration Configuring the Gnus buffer windows.
  • Faces and Fonts How to change how faces look.
  • Compilation How to speed Gnus up.
  • Mode Lines Displaying information in the mode lines.
  • Highlighting and Menus Making buffers look all nice and cozy.
  • Buttons Get tendonitis in ten easy steps!
  • Daemons Gnus can do things behind your back.
  • NoCeM How to avoid spam and other fatty foods.
  • Undo Some actions can be undone.
  • Moderation What to do if you're a moderator.
  • XEmacs Enhancements There are more pictures and stuff under XEmacs.
  • Fuzzy Matching What's the big fuzz?
  • Thwarting Email Spam A how-to on avoiding unsolicited commercial email.
  • Various Various Things that are really various.
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