Introduction to the Unix Cluster. Node: Buttons

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Special Buttons

Most of the windows on the screen will have a titlebar that has six regions: a square with a solid circle in it at far left, a square containing dashed lines, a name for the window, an area that fills in when the cursor arrow is within the window, a square containing a star, and finally a square containing smaller squares at far right. Click on the far left box to turn the window into an icon (click on the icon to get it back), clicking the second square produces a window menu (for zooming in, refreshing the window, etc.), clicking the square with the star brings that window to the top of the screen (if you have many windows stacked on top of each other), and the far right window resizes the window (a set of lines dividing the box into 9 boxes will appear---hold down the first mouse key, move the outline to a desired size, and release the key---the window will be resized).

The `cut-and-paste' feature of X-Windows is used for copying or cutting text from one window and pasting it onto another. To copy text from a regular xterm window, simply highlight the text by clicking the first mouse button at the beginning of the section and dragging it until the end. To copy from an Emacs window, click at the beginning of the section with the first button and at the end with the third button. To paste the last copied text, simply move the cursor into your desired window and click the second button---your last selected text will be pasted at the position of the cursor.

The table below gives a list of default commands defined in the `.twmrc' file for the mouse and some special buttons. Mouse buttons are numbered left to right by default, but this can be reversed in your `.twmrc'. The `modifier' will either be unused or be the key META (which usually is ALT or ESC, depending on your keyboard set-up). `Where' is the location where the command works, where the `root' window is the background behind any window.

Button  Modifier  Where         Action
First    None     Root          Opens the `Machines' menu
Second   None     Root          Opens the `Window Opls' menu
Second   None     Root          Opens the `TWM Windows' menu
Second   Meta     Window        Iconise (close) the window
Second   Meta     Icon          Un-iconise (open) the window
First    Meta     Window/Icon   Move the window
First             TitleBar      Move the Window
Second            TitleBar      Raise/Lower the window  
Third             TitleBar      Cycle all windows up one
First    Meta     Window/Icon   Bring window to the front
Third    CTL      Window        Opens the `VT Fonts' size menu
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