Introduction to the Unix Cluster. Node: XStart

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Starting X

Depending on whether or not your particular system is using Xdm (See xdm, you may or may not need to start X manually. Manual start-ups are rare, which is why it will be included in this section instead of the section on logging directly into X-Windows.

For a manual start up, log in to the console directly, then type in xinit (open xinit on the Guido console). This runs the script `.xinitrc' which sets the default values for your initial windows. If the script file is missing, you'll just get an xterm window and you'll have to start twm manually by typing in twm & at the prompt (a titlebar will appear above the window).

Normally, there are four text files in your home directory `~' that contain all the information needed for xdm to start an X-Windows session. They are:

You should already have these files in your home directory---if not, you can easily copy them from the `/u/default' file area. PREV Anatomy UP X-Windows NEXT Buttons