Introduction to the Unix Cluster. Node: Cray

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NERSC File System and Accessing the Suns

The NERSC file system differs from that used on the Suns in that home directories on the Crays have a very small quota even though they are backed up. The Cray does provide users work disks that have no quota, but these are every thirty days. CFS should also be used for files on the Crays that you wish to save indefinately. The Crays also have `/tmp' disks, which is actually where the work disks are located (work disks just have their space already organized into user directories). `/tmp' is used for temporary system files, and all files in this directory are deleted without backup after about 48 hours. (The `tmp' quota is 491 Mbytes, excluding work directories. For more information, see `work' and `/tmp' under the document ezfiles command on the Crays.)

Since the Crays use UNIX, it is an easy matter to access files on the Suns. This comes in especially useful because Often the best way to take advantage of these computing facilities is to access your files on the Suns indirectly from the Crays. On these machines, your home directory is referred to by typing:

The /usern simply refers to the disk number where your home directory is physically located. See NFS. PREV Types UP Disks next