Introduction to the Unix Cluster. Node: Dial-up

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In this section, we will give a brief outline of dialup login procedures using the VersaTerm program on the Macintosh as an example. Assuming that you have a modem at home (and therefore know how to use one), the simple steps have been left out, leaving only the essentials of VersaTerm. Remember that many procedural steps (outside of terminal server phone numbers) should be translated into its counterpart on your system.

From a Mac, modem logins will be made using the Mac's VersaTerm program. Once you have entered the VersaTerm application, drag down the `Edit' menu and select `Edit Phone.' On the right of the window that opens up, check to make sure your modem type is listed. If not, enter on one of the lines the letters ppl-baud level-modem brand. On the left half of the window, on the line corresponding to that of your modem, type your string followed by the terminal server number 2432925. For example, for the `Courier' and the new `Zoom' modems, the entry would be atdt2432925. For `Concord' modems, type ^M^M\PDM2432925. The phone numbers you need to use for dialing into PPPL are:

609 243 2925 -- PPPL modems
609 258 2530 -- Princeton University low speed (2400 baud) access
609 258 2710 -- Princeton University high speed (9600 baud and up) access
1-800-636-3772 (1-800-63-NERSC) -- Nersc toll-free access (not available after
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