Introduction to the Unix Cluster. Node: EmacsComm

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7.2: Emacs Mail Utility

Using the Emacs facility is probably the most convenient way to read, write, and send mail. Unlike UNIX and VMS, Emacs allows for editing mail before it's sent---a definite advantage for fumble-fingered users.

To get into the read-mail mode, type META-x rmail in an Emacs window. This will also automatically load any new messages into Emacs. The command n will scroll you foward to the next message, and p will take you back to the previous message. All saved message will contained in your `~/RMAIL' file on UNIX. For a complete list of commands while in rmail mode, simply type ? or use the `Describe Mode' option in the `Help' menu of Emacs.

Emacs also supports a mail mode with the command META-x mail (or simply CTL-x m) in an Emacs window. This mode allows you to write and edit the same way you would edit any Emacs file. Simply enter the recipient's address in the `To:' header, type in your text, and enter CTL-c CTL-c when done. This will send your mail and automatically exit you from the mail mode. Other options available are described more fully through the command CTL-h m (again the `Describe Mode' in the `Help' menu of Emacs).

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