Introduction to the Unix Cluster. Node: UMail


Using UNIX Mail

Enter the UNIX mail utility with the command mail. This will automatically load any new messages, with the last received message printed out first. After printing each message, a prompt of ? will be displayed as the computer waits for a command. To scroll through your mail, type + to go to the next message and - to go to the previous message. Typing q, x, or CTL-d will exit you from the mail command, and typing ? will print a complete list of commands for operations such as fowarding and deleting mail, etc. If you had no new messages, typing mail will prompt the response No mail for username, and return you to the system prompt.

To send mail through UNIX type mail username@host at the system prompt. Enter a subject at the prompt and proceed to type your message below. To end, send the message, and exit from the mail command, type CTL-d or type . on a line by itself and press RET. It's also possible to send timed messages with the command at, as well as mail users not on the local network, provided you know their e-mail addresses. For more information about mail, see man mail.


If you are not partial to the UNIX mail utility, there is always Pine. Pine is a freeware program from the University of Washington that is considerable more user friendly than the standard utility, to activate pine type pine at the prompt.