Introduction to the Unix Cluster. Node: UTalk

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Talk and Write

The `talk' and `write' commands are similar in that both provide a method of instantaneous communication. Talk, however, is used more frequently than write because talk provides a way for dividing the screen into two windows---one for outgoing messages and one for incoming messages. With write, the two parties must agree ahead of time to prevent simultaneous sending and receiving of messages---since there is only one write `window,' you would end up with garbage on your screen. In this section we will only discuss the `talk' command. (See man write for more information.)

Talk only works between users on the same local network. To `talk' to another user, type talk username@host. Something like this should appear on the other person's screen:

   Message from Talk_Daemon@suntsu at 11:13 ...      
   talk: connection requested by karney@lyman.  
   talk: respond with:  talk karney@lyman  

Thsi will continue beeping on the other person's screen until either the connection is accepted or you end the attempt with a CTL-c. If accepted, talk breaks up the screen into two windows and communication can proceed until either party ends the session with a CTL-c. (See man talk for more information.)

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