mh-e. Node: Moving Around

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2.1.2: Moving Around

To move on to the next message, use the n (mh-next-undeleted-msg) command; use the p (mh-previous-undeleted-msg) command to read the previous message. Both of these commands can be given a prefix argument to specify how many messages to skip (for example, 5 n). You can also move to a specific message with g (mh-goto-msg). You can enter the message number either before or after typing g. In the latter case, Emacs prompts you. Finally, you can go to the first or last message with M-< (mh-first-msg) and M-> (mh-last-msg) respectively.

You can also use the Emacs commands C-p (previous-line) and C-n (next-line) to move up and down the scan lines in the MH-Folder window. These commands can be used in conjunction with RET to look at deleted or refiled messages.

The command t (mh-toggle-showing) switches between MH-Folder mode and MH-Folder Show mode. [1] MH-Folder mode turns off the associated show buffer so that you can perform operations on the messages quickly without reading them. This is an excellent way to prune out your junk mail or to refile a group of messages to another folder for later examination.

[1] For you Emacs wizards, this is implemented as an Emacs minor mode.

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