mh-e. Node: Reading Mail

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2.1: Reading Your Mail

The mh-e entry point for reading mail is M-x mh-rmail. This command incorporates your mail and creates a buffer called `+inbox' in MH-Folder mode. The M-x mh-rmail command shows you only new mail, not old mail. [1] The `+inbox' buffer contains scan lines, which are one-line summaries of each incorporated message. You can perform most MH commands on these messages via one-letter commands discussed in this chapter. See scan(1) for a description of the contents of the scan lines, and see the Figure in Reading Mail Tour, for an example.


Display a message (mh-show).


Go to next page in message (mh-page-msg).


Go to previous page in message (mh-previous-page).

, (comma)

Display a message with all header fields (mh-header-display).


Go to next message in digest (mh-page-digest).


Go to previous message in digest (mh-page-digest-backwards).


Break up digest into separate messages (mh-burst-digest).


Display next message (mh-next-undeleted-msg).


Display previous message (mh-previous-undeleted-msg).


Go to a message (mh-goto-msg).


Go to first message (mh-first-msg).


Go to last message (mh-last-msg).


Toggle between MH-Folder and MH-Folder Show modes (mh-toggle-showing).

  • Viewing
  • Moving Around

  • [1] If you want to see your old mail as well, use M-r to pull all your messages into mh-e. Or, give a prefix argument to mh-rmail so it will prompt you for folder to visit like M-f (for example, C-u M-x mh-rmail RET bob RET). Both M-r and M-f are described in Organizing.

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