mh-e. Node: Reading Digests

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A digest is a message that contains other messages. Special mh-e commands let you read digests conveniently. You can use SPC and DEL to page through the digest as if it were a normal message, but if you wish to skip to the next message in the digest, use M-SPC (mh-page-digest). To return to a previous message, use M-DEL (mh-page-digest-backwards).

Another handy command is M-b (mh-burst-digest). This command uses the MH command burst to break out each message in the digest into its own message. Using this command, you can quickly delete unwanted messages, like this: Once the digest is split up, toggle out of MH-Folder Show mode with t (see Moving Around) so that the scan lines fill the screen and messages aren't displayed. Then use d (see Deleting) to quickly delete messages that you don't want to read (based on the `Subject:' header field). You can also burst the digest to reply directly to the people who posted the messages in the digest. One problem you may encounter is that the `From:' header fields are preceded with a `>' so that your reply can't create the `To:' field correctly. In this case, you must correct the `To:' field yourself. This is described later in Editing Textual.

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