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Chapter 2: Using mh-e

This chapter leaves the tutorial style and goes into more detail about every mh-e command. The default, or "out of the box," behavior is documented. If this is not to your liking (for instance, you print with something other than lpr), see the associated section in Customizing mh-e which is organized exactly like this chapter.

There are many commands, but don't get intimidated. There are command summaries at the beginning of each section. In case you have or would like to rebind the keys, the command summaries also list the associated Emacs Lisp function. Furthermore, even if you're stranded on a desert island with a laptop and are without your manuals, you can get a summary of all these commands with GNU Emacs online help: use C-h m (describe-mode) for a brief summary of commands or C-h i to read this manual via Info. The online help is quite good; try running C-h C-h C-h. This brings up a list of available help topics, one of which displays the documentation for a given key (like C-h k C-n). In addition, review Conventions, if any of the GNU Emacs conventions are strange to you.

Let's get started!

  • Reading Mail
  • Sending Mail
  • Draft Editing
  • Moving Mail
  • Searching
  • Sequences
  • Miscellaneous
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