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5.15: AVS

AVS Express is a high-end visualization systems. We are running version 4.2. It runs on Solaris and OSF/1 platforms. We are licensed for 6 concurrent users and for 1 user of the ``developer'' version. To use it, type

express -nohw
express -usage

The first form is for display supporting 3-d graphics hardware. The second form is for other X displays. The final form types out a usage message. Extensive documentation is available via the help menu while running AVS express. There are also printed manuals available.

Our local expert is Scott Klasky. To use the developers edition, type


Please coordinate this use with Scott.

AVS is an older product whose use is discouraged. We are running version 5.4. We have a one user license that can be used on Solaris and OSF/1 machines. Documentation is in the manpage avs(1).

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