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5.16: NCAR Graphics Library

The NCAR Graphics Library is a Fortran and C callable Graphics library. PPPL has a site license which provides the library on all Unix Cluster machines (Sun, Digital, Linux) and on hecate.princeton.edu (the Origin 2000 machine on campus). We are running version 4.1.1. The Linux version assumes the use of g77. This will be changed to use the Portland Group Compiler.

Before using NCAR Graphics you need to define

NCARG_ROOT=/usr/local export TEXINPUTS
setenv NCARG_ROOT=/usr/local

in sh or csh syntax.

On hecate replace `/usr/local' with `/usr/pppl'. On hecate, you will also need `$NCARG_ROOT/bin' in your `PATH' and `$NCARG_ROOT/man' in your `MANPATH'.

Online documentation is available via the WWW at https://w3.pppl.gov/ngdoc/ng/ngdochome.html (also at http://ngwww.ucar.edu/ngdoc/ng/ngdochome.html).

The vendor's web site is http://ngwww.ucar.edu/index.html

There are also manpages in $NCARG_ROOT/man. Start with ncargintro(5).

Postscript versions of the documentation are available at https://w3.pppl.gov/ngdoc/ng/nggenrl/psdocs or in the directory file:/c/usr/local/doc/ncarg.

The sources for this version of NCAR Graphics are in the directory file:/c/usr/sources/ncarg.

To compile and link, use ncargf77(1) and ncargcc(1) in place of f77(1) and cc(1). To view the ``CGM'' graphics files produced by NCAR Graphics use ctrans(1) or ictrans(1). CGM files can be printed directly with the lpr command on the PPPL Unix Cluster (ctrans will be invoked by the spooler).

Examples can be run with ncargex(1) and ng4ex(1), e.g.,

cd /tmp
ncargex wmex14
ng4ex cn12f
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