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3.1.3: slogin and ssh

ssh(1) and slogin(1) are "secure" replacements for rsh(1) and rlogin(1). You may wish to use them because:

The primary documentation is via the manpages: ssh(1), sshd(8), slogin(1), scp(1), ssh-keygen(1), ssh-agent(1), ssh-add(1).

The main ssh web site is http://www.ssh.fi/sshprotocols2/. (Note that the Unix Cluster is currently running version 1.2.x of ssh.)

A nice tutorial on ssh is at http://www.tac.nyc.ny.us/~kim/ssh/. This includes pointers to more information.

There is also https://w3.pppl.gov/~karney/ssh-sem.txt with PPPL specific information.

There are three primarly ways in which a connection to a remote host can be authorized by ssh.

  1. by prompting for a password for the remote host
  2. by an rsh-style file named `~/.rhosts' (or `~/.shosts') on the remote host. See rhosts(4)
  3. by the use of private and public keys, so-called RSA authentication

The first two should be easy to use. The third requires some a little more work to set up, but is more secure and does not require that the host you're connecting from be already known to the remote host.

  • ssh with RSA authentication
  • ssh examples
  • Installing ssh on other machines
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