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Chapter 3: Customization

Customization can be done in 2 ways.

Most of Viper's behavior can be customized via the interactive Emacs user interface. Choose "Customize" from the menubar, click on "Editing", then on "Emulations". The customization widget is self-explanatory. Once you are satisfied with your changes, save them into a file and then include the contents of that file in the Viper customization repository, `.viper' (except for viper-mode and viper-custom-file-name, which are supposed to go into .emacs).

Some advanced customization cannot be accomplished this way, however, and has to be done in Emacs Lisp. For the common cases, examples are provided that you can use directly.

  • Rudimentary Changes Simple constant definitions.
  • Keybindings Enabling Emacs Keys, Rebinding keys, etc.
  • Packages that Change Keymaps How to deal with such beasts.
  • Viper Specials Special Viper commands.
  • Vi Macros How to do Vi style macros.
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