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Chapter 2: Improvements over Vi

Some common problems with Vi and Ex have been solved in Viper. This includes better implementation of existing commands, new commands, and the facilities provided by Emacs.

  • Basics Basic Viper differences, Multi-file effects.
  • Undo and Backups Multiple undo, auto-save, backups and changes
  • History History for Ex and Vi commands.
  • Macros and Registers Keyboard Macros (extended ".") @reg execution.
  • Completion Filename and Command Completion for Ex.
  • Improved Search Incremental Search and Buffer Content Search.
  • Abbreviation Facilities Normal Abbrevs, Templates, and Dynamic Abbrevs.
  • Movement and Markers Screen Editor movements, viewing textmarkers.
  • New Commands Commands that do not exist in Vi.
  • Useful Packages A Sampling of some Emacs packages, and things you should know about.
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