Given a routine and a string id, saves that routine in the specified registry.


#include "petsc.h" 
PetscErrorCode PETSC_DLLEXPORT PetscFListAdd(PetscFList *fl,const char name[],const char rname[],void (*fnc)(void))
Not Collective

Input Parameters

fl - pointer registry
name - string to identify routine
rname - routine name in dynamic library
fnc - function pointer (optional if using dynamic libraries)


To remove a registered routine, pass in a PETSC_NULL rname and fnc().

Users who wish to register new classes for use by a particular PETSc component (e.g., SNES) should generally call the registration routine for that particular component (e.g., SNESRegisterDynamic()) instead of calling PetscFListAddDynamic() directly.

${PETSC_ARCH}, ${PETSC_DIR}, ${PETSC_LIB_DIR}, or ${any environmental variable} occuring in pathname will be replaced with appropriate values.

See Also

PetscFListDestroy(), SNESRegisterDynamic(), KSPRegisterDynamic(),
PCRegisterDynamic(), TSRegisterDynamic(), PetscFList

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