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ex1.c: Tests LU and Cholesky factorization for a dense matrix
ex2.c: Tests MatTranspose(), MatNorm(), MatValid(), MatAXPY() and MatAYPX()
ex3.c: Tests relaxation for dense matrices
ex4.c: Creates a matrix, inserts some values, and tests MatGetSubMatrices() and MatZeroEntries()
ex5.c: Tests MatMult(), MatMultAdd(), MatMultTranspose()
ex6.c: Tests reordering a matrix
ex7.c: Tests matrix factorization
ex8.c: Tests automatic allocation of matrix storage space
ex9.c: Tests MPI parallel matrix creation
ex10.c: Tests repeated use of assembly for matrices
ex11.c: Tests the use of MatZeroRows() for uniprocessor matrices
ex12.c: Tests the use of MatZeroRows() for parallel matrices
ex13.c: Tests copying and ordering uniprocessor row-based sparse matrices
ex14.c: Tests sequential and parallel MatGetRow() and MatRestoreRow()
ex15.c: Tests MatNorm(), MatLUFactor(), MatSolve() and MatSolveAdd()
ex16.c: Tests MatGetArray()
ex17.c: Tests the use of MatSolveTranspose()
ex19.c: Tests reusing MPI parallel matrices and MatGetValues()
ex20.c: Tests converting a matrix to another format with MatConvert()
ex21.c: Tests converting a parallel AIJ formatted matrix to the parallel Row format
ex22.c: Tests matrix ordering routines
ex24.c: Tests copying an AIJ matrix
ex25.c: Tests MatTranspose()\n\n
ex27.c: Tests repeated use of assembly for matrices
ex28.c: Tests MatReorderForNonzeroDiagonal()\n\n
ex30.c: Tests ILU and ICC factorization with matrix ordering, and illustrates drawing of matrix sparsity structure with MatView()
ex31.c: Tests binary I/O of matrices and illustrates user-defined event logging
ex32.c: Reads in a matrix and vector in ASCII slap format
ex33.c: Writes a matrix using the PETSc sparse format
ex34.c: Reads a matrix and vector from a file and writes to another
ex35.c: Tests MatGetSubMatrices()
ex37.c: Tests MatCopy() and MatStore/RetrieveValues()
ex38.c: Tests MatSetValues() for column oriented storage
ex40.c: Tests the parallel case for MatIncreaseOverlap()
ex41.c: Tests MatIncreaseOverlap() - the parallel case
ex42.c: Tests MatIncreaseOverlap() and MatGetSubmatrices() for the parallel case
ex43.c: Saves a dense matrix in a dense format (binary)
ex44.c: Loads matrix dumped by ex43
ex46.c: Tests generating a nonsymmetric BlockSolve95 (MATMPIROWBS) matrix
ex47.c: Tests the various routines in MatBAIJ format
ex48.c: Tests the vatious routines in MatSeqBAIJ format
ex49.c: Tests MatTranspose(), MatNorm(), MatValid(), and MatAXPY()
ex50.c: Reads in a matrix and vector in ASCII format
ex51.c: Tests MatIncreaseOverlap(), MatGetSubMatrices() for MatBAIJ format
ex52.c: Tests the vatious routines in MatMPIBAIJ format
ex53.c: Tests the vatious routines in MatMPIBAIJ format
ex54.c: Tests MatIncreaseOverlap(), MatGetSubMatrices() for parallel MatBAIJ format
ex55.c: Tests converting a matrix to another format with MatConvert()
ex56.c: Test the use of MatSetValuesBlocked(), MatZeroRows() for rectangular MatBAIJ matrix, test MatSetValuesBlocked() for MatSBAIJ matrix (-test_mat_sbaij)
ex57.c: Reads in a binary file, extracts a submatrix from it, and writes to another binary file
ex58.c: Tests MatTranspose() and MatEqual() for MPIAIJ matrices
ex59.c: Tests MatGetSubmatrix() in parallel
ex60.c: Tests MatGetColumnVector()
ex61.c: Tests MatSeq(B)AIJSetColumnIndices()
ex62.c: Tests the use of MatSolveTranspose()
ex64.c: Saves 4by4 block matrix
ex65.c: Saves a rectangular sparse matrix to disk
ex66.c: Reads in rectangular matrix from disk, stored from ex65
ex68.c: Tests MatReorderForNonzeroDiagonal()
ex70.c: Tests Vec/MatSetValues() with negative row and column indices
ex71.c: Passes a sparse matrix to Matlab
ex72.c: Reads in a Symmetric matrix in MatrixMarket format
ex73.c: Reads a PETSc matrix from a file partitions it\n\n
ex74.c: Tests the various sequential routines in MatSBAIJ format
ex75.c: Tests the vatious routines in MatMPISBAIJ format
ex76.c: Tests cholesky, icc factorization and solve on sequential aij, baij and sbaij matrices
ex80.c: Partition tiny grid
ex81.c: Reads in a PETSc binary matrix and saves in Harwell-Boeing format
ex77.c: Tests the various sequential routines in MatSBAIJ format
ex78.c: Reads in a matrix in ASCII Matlab format (I,J,A), read in vectors rhs and exact_solu in ASCII format
ex87.c: Tests MatGetSubMatrices() for SBAIJ matrices\n\n
ex91.c: Tests MatIncreaseOverlap(), MatGetSubMatrices() for sequential MatSBAIJ format
ex92.c: Tests MatIncreaseOverlap(), MatGetSubMatrices() for parallel MatSBAIJ format
ex93.c: Test sequential MatMatMult() and MatPtAP() for AIJ matrices
ex94.c: Tests sequential and parallel MatMatMult() and MatPtAP(), sequential MatMatMultTranspose()\n\
ex95.c: Testing MatMerge_SeqsToMPI()
ex96.c: Tests sequential and parallel DAGetMatrix(), MatMatMult() and MatPtAP()\n\
ex98.c: Tests MatMPIAIJSetPreallocationCSR()\n\n
ex99.c: Test LAPACK routine DSYGV() or DSYGVX()
ex100.c: Tests vatious routines in MatMAIJ format
ex101.c: Testing PtAP for SeqMAIJ matrix, P, with SeqAIJ matrix, A
ex102.c: Tests MatCreateLRC()\n\n
ex103.c: Tests PLAPACK interface
ex104.c: Test MatMatMult(), MatMatMultTranspose() for SeqDense matrices
ex106.c: Test repeated LU factorizations
ex107.c: Tests PLAPACK interface
ex108.c: Testing MatCreateSeqBAIJWithArrays() and MatCreateSeqSBAIJWithArrays()
ex109.c: Test MatMatMult() for AIJ and Dense matrices
ex110.c: Testing MatCreateMPIAIJWithSplitArrays()
ex111.c: Test PtAP \n\
ex112.c: Test sequential FFTW interface \n\n