Nonlinear solvers - SNES: Examples

The Scalable Nonlinear Equations Solvers (SNES) component provides an easy-to-use interface to Newton-based methods for solving systems of nonlinear equations. SNES users can set various algorithmic options at runtime via the options database (e.g., specifying a trust region method via -snes_type tr ). SNES internally employs KSP for the solution of its linear systems. SNES users can also set KSP options directly in application codes by first extracting the KSP context from the SNES context via SNESGetKSP() and then directly calling various KSP (and KSP and PC) routines (e.g., PCSetType() ).

ex1.c: Solves a nonlinear system on 1 processor with SNES
ex4.c: This program demonstrates use of the SNES package to solve systems of nonlinear equations on a single processor
ex5.c: Solves a nonlinear system in parallel with SNES
ex7.c: Solves u`` + u^{2} = f with Newton-like methods
ex9.c: This program demonstrates use of the SNES package
ex11.c: static char help[] =
ex13.c: This program is a replica of ex6