Welcome to the interactive documentation for NCAR Graphics Version 4.1.1

This is the user documentation for NCAR Graphics Version 4.1.1.

You can access the three NCAR Graphics 4.1.1 hypertext user documents from here:

The Quick Start Guide explains all NCAR Graphics 4.1.1 examples and provides their source code.

The User Guide introduces NCAR Graphics 4.1.1 software functionality and key concepts.

The Reference Manual describes how the NCAR Graphics 4.1.1 software operates.

The User documentation for the traditional interface lists all the traditional documentation for the NCAR Graphics Low Level Utilities. This includes the programmer documents, user guide, and tutorials that give detailed descriptions for developing NCAR Graphics applications using the traditional interface.

The NCAR Graphics 4.1.1 preface and the NCAR Graphics 4.1.1 appendices provide other useful information about NCAR Graphics and its documentation.

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