In addition to the GKS-0A functions, you may wish to use the segmentation functions provided in GKS at level 2A for storing instructions in segments. You may use those segments in several ways: by inserting them into subsequent pictures; by translating, rotating, and scaling the segments; and by specifying whether a segment is visible or not, or whether it is highlighted or not. The NCAR GKS package has been augmented by implementing a select few GKS level 2A segmentation functions to create, insert, and close segments. We recommend that you use the utility package Gflash to access this functionality. For details on Gflash, see NCAR Graphics Fundamentals, UNIX Version and the SCD UserDoc GFLASH - A Graphics Instruction and Manipulation Package. If you have access to a higher-level GKS package than the NCAR package, then you will probably want to use the segmentation functions of that package directly.
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