Admission to the PPST

The PPST is designed for students pursuing a Ph.D. who wish to concentrate on a specific research topic within the field of plasma science and technology while acquiring a comprehensive background in relevant engineering and scientific areas. A candidate for admission to the PPST should apply to one of the affiliated departments in the School of Engineering and Applied Science — SEAS (Chemical and Biological Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering) or to the Departments of Astrophysical Sciences, Chemistry, or Physics.

Each department will follow its established procedures in recommending to the Dean of the Graduate School the admission of candidates. Subsequently, PPST Executive Committee members will make recommendations on admission to the PPST.

Students entering the PPST are expected to be adequately prepared in physics, chemistry, engineering, and mathematics to undertake graduate-level research. Normally, they will have passed their department’s general examination or have fulfilled the requirements for readmission to their third year of graduate studies, as set forth in the respective departmental statements.

Review of student progress is performed each semester and a decision on reenrollment made. PPST support is limited to six semesters.

Financial Assistance

Financial aid for students is available from fellowships and research assistantships sponsored by the cooperating departments, the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, and Princeton University.