PPST Graduate Students

Student/Department Advisor/Department Research
E. Chao / AS R. Davidson / AS Expansion of Non-neutral Plasma Columns
A. Conjusteau / Chem G. Scoles / Chem
K. Lehmann / Chem
Reinhard / Chem
Laser Development for CVD Diagnosis
T. Hollebeek / Chem H. Rabitz / Chem Simulation of Chemical Dynamics
D. Korobkin / MAE S. Suckewer / MAE Microcapillary Plasmas Formed by fs Laser
C. Li / AS S. Cohen / AS Neutralization of Plasma
A. Livak N. Fisch / AS Oscillations in Hall Thrusters
E. Ma / EE S. Wagner / EE TFT Fabrication by PECVD
M. Malyshev N. Fisch / AS Plasma Etching Diagnostics
P. Mayer / Chem H. Rabitz / Chem High Speed Performance of Quantum Dynamics
K. Pangal / EE J. Sturm / EE Control of Si Crystallization in an RIE System
F. Trintchouk / AS S. Suckewer / MAE Laser Target Interaction (μs Laser)
Z. Wang / AS S. Cohen / AS Sputtering Magnetron Analysis
J. Ziemer / MAE E. Choueiri / MAE Improvements in Plasma Thruster Operation

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