PPST Graduate Students

Student/Department Advisor/Department Research
A. Conjusteau / Ch G. Scoles / Ch Development of Low Pressure Discharge Diagnostics
T. Hollebeek / Ch H. Rabitz / Ch Molecule Collisions with Surfaces
K. Pangal / EE J. Sturm / EE Formation of Single X-stal Si on Insulators
Y. Ping / AS S. Suckewer / MAE fs Laser
S. Shvartsman / ChE Y. Kevrekidis / ChE Modeling of PA Fabrication of Microelectronics
F. Trintchouk / AS S. Suckewer / MAE Laser Target Interaction (μs Laser)
M. Wu / EE S. Wagner / EE p-Si TFT Fabrication by PECVD
J. Ziemer / MAE E. Choueiri / MAE Scaling and Dynamics of a Gas-fed Plasma Thruster

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