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Shot Clock

The TFTR shot clock program is an emulation of the shot clock in the TFTR Control Room. It shows the most recent event (SOS, SOP, EOP, etc.) and the time, relative to T0, in seconds. While the clock is counting down, the display updates every second.

The TFTR shot clock display runs on any VMS node in a VT100 window. It receives clock events from the TFTR Computing System and does an internal count-down between events.

The minimal display is 3 lines long and 80 characters wide, so you can size the display window to fit this. Options allow you to use oversize characters, and to display additional information.

To run the clock type:


The display is usually about 5 seconds behind the actual clock; the amount of delay introduced by the network connection is unknown at this time. If you simply get a separator line across the screen, TFTR is not running.

For more information, do ``HELP SHOTCLOCK''.

Marilee Thompson
Thu Jul 10 14:31:47 EDT 1997