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Snap and Globe Data


Snap and Globe data is identified by either the channel name or the channel number. If you use the channel name, you must set the digraph to ``S'' for Snap or ``G'' for Globe (DI S or DI G). Globe channels are 1-199; Snap channels 1000-1999 are vectors as a function of the major radius; 2000-2999 as a function of the minor radius.

Snap output is identified by both a shot number and a ``try'' number. The default try number is the highest; to override this, append the try number to the shot number with an underscore:

	SH 55806			!default try number

DE [S]POH ; !integrated ohmic power

DE 2204 ; !same data by channel number

SH 55806_2 !use try number 2



Marilee Thompson
Fri Jul 11 12:49:48 EDT 1997