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Change the X Axis Data


The default x axis for waveforms is a uniform time base defined by a start time and delta time; for Ufiles, an x vector stored in the file; for Snap and Globe, a default channel stored in the file; for Transp, an x vector stored in the file. Some raw data channels have an associated timing module that provides start and delta times or a sequence of start/delta times, but not all. CUPLOT allows you to specify an x axis vector for most kinds of data, or to enter values for the x axis explicitly. Any alternate x axis is reset by the DE command.

Entering a data element as <yname>:<xname> specifies that the ``yname'' data is to be plotted against the ``xname'' data, e.g.,  


This command and the XP command can be used with waveforms, raw data, Snap or Globe data.

specifies x axis data to be used with all data elements, e.g.,



Note that the XP command must be after the DE command.

lets you hand enter the x axis as a sequence of ``delta-t for n points'' values. This command must be entered after the data is read; see example below.

Marilee Thompson
Fri Jul 11 12:49:48 EDT 1997