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Scale the X and/or Y Data


The scaling commands set parameters that are applied when you read the data; they have no effect if you read the data and then enter the scaling command. These parameters are reset by a DE command.

sets the scale factor and offset for the y data:   

			y-stored = (y-read * scale) + offset


Raw data is converted from a 12 bit value to 0-5 volts before it is scaled.

The data element name you have entered will appear in the prompt:

	Command[ ]? SH 55806			!shot number

Command[ ]? DE [GS]CCIG-GSS-PT1-S1 ; !torus pressure

Command[ ]? YC !set scale factor

CCIG-GSS-PT1-S1 Offset[0.]? ,

CCIG-GSS-PT1-S1 Multiplier[1.]? 2E-5

Command[ ]? R

Command[ ]? XV !fix up x axis

for curve[F1C1]? ,

X axis initial value[-6.]? -1. !start at -1 sec

Total number of values[8192]? ,

delta X[9.9999998E-03]? .01 !delta-t = .01 sec

points with this delta[8192]? , !all points

Command[ ]? P

sets the scale factor and offset for the x data. 

sets a hexadecimal mask that is applied to the data when it is read. This is useful for some raw data where high order bits are spuriously set in the digitizers.

Marilee Thompson
Fri Jul 11 12:49:48 EDT 1997