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Smooth the Data


smooths the data using a triangular moving window. Smoothing also operates on the data after it is read.   

		Command[ ]? SM

Frame to smooth[F1C1]? F1

Window, in <units>[0.]? .05

Epsilon, fraction of Y range[0.]? ,

Command[ ]? GO

The Window parameter is in the units of the x axis. The Epsilon parameter tells it not to smooth if two adjacent points differ by more than that fraction of the data range; setting this value to 0 turns this off. The ``points redone'' message tells you how many times the smoother restarted its window. The following example smooths the neutral beam data over a window of .05 seconds, but leaves unchanged consecutive points that differ by more than 25%:


SM F1 .05 .25


Marilee Thompson
Fri Jul 11 12:49:48 EDT 1997