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Change Labels


The default plot title and axis labels for waveforms, Ufiles, Snap, Globe, and Transp data are text strings stored in the file; for raw data the title is the device name and the default axis labels are VOLTS and TIME. CUPLOT truncates the title to the width of the frame; for Tektronix 4014 plots with the default frame size, this is 57 characters.

The labeling commands operate on the data after it has been read. Don't use Go if you use these commands; use Read, make the modifications, then Plot. Labeling parameters are reset on a Read. Note the use of quotes to preserve lower case and allow embedded blanks.

changes the y axis label (units).   

	Command[ ]? DE [GS]CCIG-GSS-PT1-S1 ;

Command[ ]? R !read the data

Command[ ]? YL !change the Y units

CCIG-GSS-PT1-S1 Units[Volts]? 'Torr'

Command[ ]? P !plot

changes the x axis label (units).  

changes the y data description, which is used as the frame title.    

	Command[ ]? YD

CCIG-GSS-PT1-S1 Description[ ]? 'Torus Pressure'

Marilee Thompson
Fri Jul 11 12:49:48 EDT 1997