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Commands Available after the Graph is Drawn


There are several options available after the graph is drawn which are summarized in the following table. You will be prompted with the bell when a response is expected. You will stay in graph mode until you enter a RETURN or SPACE to return to the main menu of PLOT.

After the graph īs drawn, enter:

RETURN to return to the plot menu (or SPACE).

? for this help.

C click to select value, click to display value, end with ;.

L to display the legend (constraints, fit equation, ...).

P to page before showing the legend.

S to show the mean, min, max, etc. of parameters previously

selected with the PLot Output Stats option.

W to replot just the graph without the legend (includes fit).

If logical name plot includes a file, e.g. ``tescal.plt,'' enter:

D to send this page to the file.

To get a fit to the data, enter:

0 for a proportional fit.

1 or F for a straight line fit.

2 - 9 for a polynomial fit.

N for a nonlinear fit or an arbitrary function of x.

Before a fit, enter:

A for the ANOVA table of statistics for the next linear fit.

* to suppress IMSL error messages until you return

to the plot menu.

After the fit line is drawn, enter:

R for a plot of the residuals.

Q for a plot of the ratio of the fit to y.

E type the equation of the fit on the alpha screen for ``mousing''.

After a frequency graph has been drawn, enter:

M for the mean and median.

G for the standard deviation and a Gaussian fit

to the distribution.

When using the cursor option, enter:

; to end the list of points being selected.

The legend is all the text except for the axis labels. You can use the W option to replot just the graph if you want to make ``hardcopies'' without the legend or if you want to see the data uncluttered. The graph includes the fit curve, but not the equation of the fit.

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