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Plotting and Analysis

There are many options available from the main menu of PLOT as well as options after the graph has been displayed. For example, you can plot a function of your data that satisfies certain conditions, do a least squares fit to that data and then graph the residuals. Here is the complete main PLOT submenu:

   \* Options are:
     1) Y < IP >
     2) X < NE >
     3) Constraints < >
     4) Symbols < >
     5) Graph ranges  <Y: 0.0, 0.0, LIN> <X: 0.0, 0.0, LIN>
     6) G+ Graph Plus <Auto-scale_Y:min=T,max=T><Auto-scale_X:min=T,max=T>
     7) Key for dynamic cursor option <SHOT>
     8) Join          <off>
     9) Multiple Ys:  <off>
    10) Analysis: Average, Frequency, Error, Integral/deriv, FIt symbols
    11) Output:   Type, Stats, Journal, Device, VGDS, Close plot file, ...
    12) Extras:   Text, Curve, Grid, High Resolution, Color
When you have set all the items to describe the set of data you want, enter ; to retrieve and graph the data. After the graph has been drawn, you can choose from a number of after-graph options which are described in Section 2.6.

Marilee Thompson
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