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Adding Records to the Database

Records of parameter values can be added with the Add Record  option. Let's add  the following data taken during a previous run.

Shot Current Temperature
82995 380 1.8
82996 375 1.75
82997 400 2.0
To add these to TESCAL:

   Edit,Print,Plot,Regress,Crop?   E
   Edit option?                    RETURN to show options
   /Options are:
   AR  Add records
   DR  Delete records
   MR  Modify records
   TR  Type a record
   AP  Add parameters
   DP  Delete parameters
   MP  Modify parameters
   AE  Add an expression
   DE  Delete an expression
   ME  Modify an expression
   TE  Type an expression
   ED  Edit database comment
   AD  Add a description
   DD  Delete a description
   MD  Modify a description
   SC  Scale a parameter
   Edit option?                    AR
   SHOT?                           82995 380 1.8 ;
   SHOT?                           82996 375 1.73 ;
   SHOT?                           82997 400 2.0 ;
   SHOT?                           \

   Edit option?        AR
   SHOT?               82995 380 1.8  "'No disruptions.'";
   SHOT?               82996 375 1.73 "'No disruptions.'" ;
   SHOT?               82997 400 2.0  "'No disruptions.'" ;
   SHOT?               \

You are given the option to create a new version  of the database file. This allows you to recover from editing errors by deleting the most recent version of the database file, e.g., $ DELETE TESCAL.DBC;. WARNING: Before you inadvertently delete a database file that you want, check to see what versions you have and when they were created, e.g., $ DIR/DATE TESCAL.DBC. Once you are happy with the current version of your database, you should purge  the earlier versions, e.g., $ PURGE TESCAL.DBC.

To edit you must define one or two key  parameters which uniquely describe a record of data. In some tables shot will be the key. In others, where shot is not unique, shot and time, may be keys. You can have either one or two keys.

Marilee Thompson
Fri Jul 11 17:05:56 EDT 1997