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Terminal Emulators: VersaTerm, DECterm, Xterm, XTC

The most commonly used Macintosh based terminal emulator is VersaTermPRO. VersaTermPRO provides VT100 support, Tektronix 4014 and 4105 graphics support, and built-in FTP.  

From a DEC X-window environment, you can run multiple DECterm sessions. DECterm provides VT100 functionality, but no graphics support. For on-screen graphics, use XTC, which provides Tektronix 4014 and 4105 support with frame buffering.   

From a UNIX X-window environment, use Xterm. Xterm provides VT100 and Tektronix 4014 support.

Graphics output created by PPL utilities can generate Tektronix 4014 or Tektronix 4105 commands. 4105 mode is recommended if you use VersaTermPRO and want to transfer the graph to MacDraw. The cluster printers and the Control Room display screens can only handle 4014 mode files. Tektronix 4014 files have the extension .PLT; 4105 files have .4105. Some utilities, such as CUPLOT and LOCUS, let you select the graphics mode from within the program. You can set the default mode for all programs by:

    $ DEFINE TERMINAL_4105 YES         set 4105 mode
    $ DEAS TERMINAL_4105               set 4014 mode

VersaTermPro graphs can be made into MacDrawPRO documents. This allows you to make presentation quality graphics. Also a MacDraw graph can be registered with the Graphics Arts Department for publication. Procedures and hints are described in the document ``Transferring VersaTerm Graphics to MacDraw'' by Harry Towner and Marilee Thompson.

Marilee Thompson
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