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Getting Started on the VMS Cluster

The VMS Cluster is several VAX, AXP, and microVAX computers that all access the same disks and share print and batch queues and other processing resources. The AXP nodes are newer and faster; the only drawback is that a few less-often used utilities have not yet been converted to run on these nodes. The cluster nodes that permit more than two users at a time are listed below; the last column is the number of CPU seconds to execute a PPPL floating point benchmark test.

Node CPU Primary use benchmark
name CPU secs
BIRCH AXP 2100/475 TFTR .01
SNAX AXP 3000/300 TFTR .03
RAX VAX 6000-420 TFTR .52
BEANIE VAX 4000-500 PBX .10

Marilee Thompson
Fri Jul 11 11:22:04 EDT 1997