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Results Data

Results files are organized in two main directory trees. One tree has subdirectories for a particular diagnostic's results files. The other has subdirectories for users who prepare files for TRANSP runs. Results files are usually in the Ufiles  format. A Ufile contains either a one dimensional function f(x) or a two dimensional function f(x,y), with only one function per Ufile. (The file name is made from a prefix of up to 16 characters, the shot number, and up to a 16 character filename extension. For example, AV12345.CUR might contain plasma current for shot 12345.) Thus there can be many Ufiles for a given shot and digraph. TFTR_INF:UFILES.INF  contains a list of the commonly used diagnostic Ufiles. See Doug McCune for Ufiles documentation.

Marilee Thompson
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