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IDL--Interactive Data Language

IDLindexCommands!IDL is a commercial interactive data analysis and graphics system. Version 3.6 is available as IDL and version 1 is activated by XIDL. Enhancements to the versions running at PPPL allow access to the TFTR raw data, waveforms, and Ufiles.

To make an unlabeled plot of the plasma current for shot 84123:

  $ IDL
  				;open waveform file for 68850
  IDL> wfget,68850,'mb-ip-sl',wfdesc,iqual,x0,dx,ip,ngot,xunits,yunits,ierr
  Plasma Current
  IDL> xarr=fltarr(ngot)	;define independent axis
  IDL> for i=long(1),ngot do xarr(i-1)=x0+dx*(i-1)
  IDL> uplot,xarr,ip

To make an unlabeled plot of the MM raw data:

  IDL> aa = ROPEN(1,66508,'mm','tftr')	;open MM raw data file
  % Compiled module: ROPEN.
  % Compiled module: SHRCALL.
   # devices in file=         176
  IDL> chan23 = RINFO(1,'DMM-IN-23-S')	;read a digitizer channel
  % Compiled module: RINFO.
  type=          16npts in device=       32768
  -32768     16        8192    5
   starting index=           1 ending index=       32768
  STATUS=           0 NREAD=       32768
  IDL> UPLOT,chan23(1000:1999)		; plot points 1001-2000

See ``HELP IDL'' for more information. IDL is maintained by Bill Davis and Tom Gibney.

Marilee Thompson
Fri Jul 11 11:22:04 EDT 1997