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SNAP--One Dimensional Power Balance

SNAP  is a one dimensional equilibrium kinetic analysis code; it provides a snapshot transport analysis and diagnostic simulation at a given time. SNAP is run between shots for most good shots. Additional SNAP ``tries'' using different assumptions and models, and other profile sources, are frequently run later for interesting shots. SNAP is maintained by Marilee Thompson.

SNAPIN  is the program that prepares input files for SNAP. Given a shot number and analysis time, SNAPIN reads diagnostic data from various Ufiles and waveforms and outputs it to a namelist file that SNAP can read. If needed SNAPIN automatically restores the namelist information from a stored shot-try. To restore the namelist before running SNAPIN, do $ SRERUNT 73268 252. SNAPIN is maintained by Tom Gibney. The manual, ``The SNAP User's Guide'', is both an overview of SNAP functionality and a guide to executing SNAPIN. It is available on-line as $ HELP SNAP.

AUTOSNAP is a combination of a SNAPIN preprocessor and special features built into SNAPIN, that greatly facilitates using SNAPIN. For information, do $ HELP @HLDAS AUTOSNAP. AUTOSNAP is maintained by Darin Ernst.

Marilee Thompson
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