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Read Raw Data

The raw data  (RDT) files, written in PPL keyword format, contain data from digitizers, timing modules, scalers, and other hardware devices. Basically there is one record for each device which has a 38 word header and the device data for the shot. If you need to decode the header, see section S3470 (CD:DREAD) and section S1402 (Special Camac Modules) in Volume 3 of the CICADA handbook. (This handbook is available in the TFTR Control Room and from the Computer Division.) The CMLIB library   has one set of routines to read any file in keyword format, and specialized routines to read RDT files . The routines return a status code of 0 for success, or one of the codes defined for the CICADA versions of the routines. Sample code to read raw data files can be found in TFTR_EXAMPLES. Also see $ HELP KEYFILES.

Marilee Thompson
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