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Read and Write Results


Ufiles  are an alternative to waveform files for storing physics results data. Each Ufile contains a numerical representation of either a one dimensional or a two dimensional function. Ufiles can be accessed from Fortran applications programs by using the Ufiles subroutine library . The routines to read Ufiles automatically retrieve files from the optical disk when needed. See ``The Ufiles Data File System'' manual, available from Doug McCune. For ``quick'' help on writing Ufiles applications, see $ HELP UFILES.

Although Ufiles are the most common format for results files, you can read and write to the results disks in any format. However, you will then need to add code to your application to retrieve files from the optical disks. Suppose, for example, that you write a file other than a Ufile from a Fortran program. Later this file is archived  on the opticals and skimmed. Now you want to read this file from your Fortran program. You will have to copy it from the opticals first. A sample program to do this is in TFTR_EXAMPLES:OPEN_RESULTS_TO_READ.FOR with a corresponding .COM file which shows how the sample program is linked.

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